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Free Shipping for all orders of $75+ before taxes and expedition


DETOXCURE Prowash Vegan Shampoo 1000 mL


For Clarifying & Normal-to-Oily Prone Hair

Super Concentrated PROWASH Vegan Shampoo 
Luxurious lather gently cleanses and helps nourish, revitalize, care and protect by deeply infusing colour-treated hair with rich 100% VEGAN Nourishing Systems.

Super Concentrated Formulas : 
Delivers up to 92 washes per bottle of 300 mL
Delivers up to 300 washes per bottle of 1000 mL

DETOXCURE deeply nourishes and helps Clarify colour-treated hair without stripping. Helps remove impurities, sulfates, chlorine, salt, parabens, hard water minerals, product build-up and hair colour-dulling residues. Gentle formula helps refresh and rebalance normal-to-oily prone hair. Helps prevent hair breakage, static and split ends. Colour-treated hair is left fresh and revitalized revealing Vibrant Colour Clarity for long lasting healthy shiny looking results. Suitable for frequent or daily use.


Crisp & Green, Pure, Light & Airy.

Fresh, Invigorating, Uplifting. A Real Burst of Grounding Energy.

Awaken your Mind. Refresh your Senses. A Luxury Spa Feel. An Ice-Cold Refreshing Mojito by the Seaside.

This refreshing scent is both energetic and grounding at the same time. It opens with a dominant burst of purifying notes of Mediterranean Mint, Cool Peppermint, Tangy Bergamot and Wild Rosemary;
it is warmed, sparkling with delicate hints of White Lilac, Spicy Ginger, Soothing Aloe, and Sweet Chamomile. 

All together, it smells free and airy creating a clean and refreshing feel. The perfect balance between Warm & Cool, Energy & Calm; The Yin and the Yang of opposite but interconnected forces.