Free Shipping for all orders of $75+ before taxes and expedition

Free Shipping for all orders of $75+ before taxes and expedition


LUMIERE HIGHCURE Prowash Vegan Shampoo 1000 mL + Pump


Tailored for Dry, Dull, Weakened, Fragile, Colour Treated, 
Highlighted or Hi-Lifted Hair
Perfect for All Shades of Blonde & Platinum Blonde.

Super Concentrated  PROWASH Vegan Shampoo 
Luxurious lather gently cleanses and helps nourish, revitalize, care and protect by deeply infusing colour-treated hair and scalp with rich 100% VEGAN Nourishing Systems.

Super Concentrated Formulas : 
Delivers up to 92 washes per bottle of 300 mL
Delivers up to 300 washes per bottle of 1000 mL

LUMIÈRE HIGH-CURE* Weightless System deeply nourishes, hydrates and conditions to help repair, restore and fortify the Vital Inner Substance, Hydro-Lipidic Protection, Essential Ceramides, Proteino-Lipidic Equilibrium and Luminous Shine of any type of Coloured, High-Lifted or Highlighted hair.

Perfect for All Shades of Blonde & Platinum Blonde.

Helps close, seal down and polish cuticles damaged and lifted by hair Bleaching or Colouring processes; locking-in hydration, strength, smoothness, vibrant colour clarity and luminous shine.

Helps even out imperfections into a soft touchable highly reflective cuticle surface revealing long lasting healthy looking results.

100% Free Series*: 
Free of Sulfates, Parabens, Salt, MI, MCI, Lactose & Gluten.
TruColour Care* anti-fading system helps prolong the purity, radiance & vibrancy of colour and shine.


Fresh, Modern, Elegant, Energizing, Lively, Bright, Cheerful, Sunny, Pure, Light & Airy.
This Uplifting FRESH SPLASH of ZESTY FLORAL CITRUS galaxy of aromas Twist and Swirl in a perpetual creative movement.

An olfactive symphony, an artistic dance marrying Vibrant, Sunny Luminous Citrus-Bright aromas of
Tangy Ruby Red Grapefruit, Fresh Crispy Apple, Juicy Plum, and Zesty Italian Bergamot;
delicately orchestrated all-in-one to a perfect equilibrium of Sensual Floral-Fresh notes of
Hawaiian Wedding Flower, French Riviera Spring Mimosa, Japanese Magnolia, White Freesia,
Rose Petals, Honeysuckle, and Morning Dew Orchid.

More than an emotion; just like walking on Sunshine - Enjoy the Warmth of this Joyful Olfactive Journey.