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Free Shipping for all orders of $75+ before taxes and expedition


NORMADENSE 2 Prowash Vegan Shampoo 1000 mL


For Dry, Fine, Frail, Brittle, Thin Looking Hair, 
Visibly Lacking Density

Super Concentrated PROWASH Vegan Shampoo 
Luxurious lather gently cleanses and helps nourish, revitalize, care and protect by deeply infusing colour-treated hair with rich 100% VEGAN Nourishing Systems.

Super Concentrated Formulas : 
Delivers up to 92 washes per bottle of 300 mL
Delivers up to 300 washes per bottle of 1000 mL

NORMADENSE 2 deeply nourishes and helps hydrate, re-balance and strengthen the Nutrient-Deprived Zones of hair. Helps prevent the visible signs of hair damage revealing youthful softness, movement, vibrant colour and shine. Helps add texture & body, visibly transforming and amplifying hair diameter fiber-by-fiber. Instantly, hair looks and feels energized, weightlessly lifted, stronger, thicker, denser and fuller for VISIBLE TOUCHABLE DIMENSION - for long lasting style retention and healthy-looking results.


It is a Scent of Freshness, Purity and Liberty.
A Summer Beach House in Coastal Maine; the Warmth of the Powdery-White Sand and Striking Turquoise Waters of the Bahamas; the Atlantic Breeze of South Beach; a Cloud Forest in Costa Rica; a Cascade of Fresh Canadian Mountain Air.

This aroma Opens with a boost of Zesty Green Mandarin, Juicy Pink Grapefruit, Sensual Jasmine, and Italian Bergamot Orange. Middles notes are enhanced with a splash of Aquatic Salty Nuances intertwined with Orange Blossom, Sweet Watermelon Fruit, Bitter Orange, Tropical Lime, Green tangerine, Tangy Japanese Kaki, Lemongrass and Rosemary.

Woody Mineral Base notes are balanced with Clary sage from Provence, Western Red Cedar, Lush Green Oakmoss, Mediterranean Spike Lavender, Geranium Rose from Madagascar, Exotic Golden Amber with a touch of Spicy Patchouli from Guatemala.